Blurry Images

Show a blurry version of selected images to your visitors. Earn money with your art and photos giving your visitors this blurry preview. Let them see the clear version of each image instantly (using 0 conf BCH transactions) with the swipe of a button!


Please send a tip to the artist to see the clear version:

Please send a tip to see the clear version:Send 0.5 USD

Image provided by SatoshiDoodles


Just download this zip file and upload it in your WordPress site under Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.
Once installed, you will receive automatic updates through the WordPress updater. You must have the CashTippr core plugin already installed.

Easy Setup:

  • use the [tippr_blur]]your image[[/tippr_blur] shortcode to show a blurry version of the image(s) between

Advanced Features:

  • works with images hosted on your local WordPress site as well as images hosted on other websites
  • fully integrates with CashTippr daily/weekly/monthly full-access passes passes for visitors who can see all your content
  • set custom prices per image: Missing closing tag for shortcode: 'tippr_blur' - usage: [tippr_blur]my image to blur[/tippr_blur]

  • all CashTippr shortcode options available, including user- input for the tip amount, custom text next to the button,…
  • supported image formats: JPEG (recommended), PNG, WEBP, BMP, GIF
  • cache blurry images locally for better performance & specify max cache size

The plugin addon configuration in WordPress admin panel:

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