WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Earn money by selling products (digital and real world) in your online store using Bitcoin Cash payments.


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This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin store. You can install it directly from your WordPress admin panel under Plugins -> Add New.
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Advantages & Features:

  • adds a Bitcoin BCH payment option to your Woocommerce store
  • 0 coding skills required
  • on-chain payments without going through a 3rd party

Easy Setup:

  • install Woocommerce and the CashTippr main plugin
  • install this CashTippr Woocommerce plugin. That’s all!

Advanced Features:

  • configurable if you want to accept 0-conf payments or wait for more confirmations
  • allow every merchant selling products in your store to receive money directly to his BCH address
  • affiliate program by simply adding a BCH address to the URL of the product (coming soon)
  • accept BCH tokens as payment (coming soon)

The WooCommerce checkout page:

The plugin configuration in WordPress WooCommerce admin panel:

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