Receive tips on WordPress for the content on your blog or news site with instant 1-click payments (BitCoin Cash 0 conf).

Advantages & Features:

  • earn tips from your content
  • add tip buttons for voluntary donations or
  • hide parts of your posts to require users to tip
  • AdBlock detection: show custom message to AdBlock users
  • 0 coding skills required

Example: (QR code example here)

Please send a tip to the author to view the hidden text (10 words):
Thanks for your contribution to the development of this plugin!


This plugin is available in the WordPress plugin store. You can install it directly from your WordPress admin panel under Plugins -> Add New. Don’t forget to rate it;)

Easy Setup:

  • just enter your BCH address in WP admin panel. That’s all!
  • add tip buttons to posts by typing a shortcode:
    Send a tip to support development of this plugin

    Send a tip

    Approximate value: 0.1 USD


  • ability to hide content until donation:
    Please send a tip to the author to view the hidden text (3 words):
    your hidden text  
  • powerful way to sell digital media such photos, embedded videos, etc…
  • automatically insert tip buttons at the end of posts/pages

Advanced Features:

  • set limits how many hidden posts new users can view (cookie based)
  • customize the text before the buttons
  • set daily/weekly/monthly full-access passes for all your hidden content
  • setup donation goals for posts to make them fully available for free
  • setup expiry times to make old posts available for free
  • show ads for users who have made 0 donations
  • include a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) faucet on the bottom of the page to increase your revenue and BCH adoption
  • show hidden contents to search engines (only hide it with CSS)
  • Memcached support for high traffic sites (>50k users daily)


  • Blurry Images: Blur images instead of hiding text to encourage users to send a tip to see the clear version of the image.
  • Shout: Enable your users to post Tweets to your Twitter timeline or messages and memes on a popular place on your website for a small tip.
  • Woocommerce Gateway: Add a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment option to your online store.
  • SLP Press: Reward your readers by sending them SLP tokens for frequently reading your content.

The plugin configuration in WordPress admin panel:


Please translate this plugin into your language – 0 coding skills required, all done in your web browser.