Enable your users to post Tweets to your Twitter timeline or messages and memes on a popular place on your website for a small tip.


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Just download this zip file and upload it in your WordPress site under Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.
Once installed, you will receive automatic updates through the WordPress updater. You must have the CashTippr core plugin already installed.

Easy Setup:

  • use the [tippr_tweet] shortcode to give your users the ability to post to your Twitter timeline
  • use the [tippr_shout] shortcode to enable your users to post messages on your website
  • use [tippr_shout_img] for images/memes

Advanced Features:

  • customizeable shout forms, for example¬†[tippr_shout amount="3.0" title="Tip and shout your message" list_title="Latest awesome shouts:"]
  • fully integrates with all applicable features of the CashTippr main plugin
  • set different prices for tweets and messages to your website
  • automatically tweet new blog posts to your Twitter timeline
  • customizable word filter to prevent messages containing specific words/domains/…
  • shout moderation feature in WordPress admin panel
  • set max allowed image dimensions for image shouts

The plugin addon configuration in WordPress admin panel:

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